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1. Mass produced Modular Building Units (MBUs) integrate and enable a whole range of technologies: IoT, quantum computing, Building Information Modelling (BIM), artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 5G, blockchain, digital twins, design library, LoRa Beacon, Block Fund, RFID chips. The BIM connects with IoT to track inventory. Quantum powered computers connect over 5G WiFi to the blockchain and links digital twin building blocks to the RFID physical blocks. Once a project blueprint has been designed with virtual reality (VR/AR) and gets pulled from the design library, then a blockchain smart contract is drawn up on ERC-20 protocol. Next comes instant financing from the Block Fund. Finally, all the inventory is shipped from Block Members inventory to site. Materials and equipment get shipped to site. Super Cranes connect to LoRa Beacon for placement accuracy. The finished structure comes about within days or weeks and then can be traded at a markup for MP on the block exchange.

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2. Get paid to hold real estate. By buying in now you’ll be paid in real estate when you cash in your MP tokens for an MBU or physical replica of your virtual reality house. By buying MP you are hodling a Crypto Home.

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3. Build a 5000 Sft home with several bedrooms and bathrooms for 1400 MP. Buy 2000 super blocks, with as little as $200 invested today and enjoy up to 30% bonus.

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you can secure your own Crypto Home for up to 60% cheaper than the original cost. It’s better to build a home as a block member. Members pay up to 5X less to construct a smart building than non-members.

4. Robotics will build schools, damaged buildings, rescue shelters, government offices through fully autonomous development of estate. Robotic construction will also aid in disaster relief. Temporary shelters can be deployed during times of natural calamity or humanitarian crises

5. Blockchain based technology to foster new-found trust amongst suppliers, contractors, and clients. Traditional construction has trust issues from which confrontation develops. The client distrusts the contractor and thinks he is ripping him off. The sub-contractor distrust the contractor and thinks he is poaching money from his sub-contracts. The labourers and professionals believe the sub-contractor is sneaking and pinching a piece of their pay rate, offering them a lower rate than the sub-contract stipulates. The supplier wants his pay to quickly restock but there is a delay from the contractor to pay on time and in full. Generally this web of distrust enables highly confrontational environments which can cost a project skilled personnel, time, and money. Ethereum smart contracts and crypto assets will replace the present method of contracting to create automatic top-down flow of payments for all parties upon approved review of submission of work. This will mitigate all cash flow challenges.

6. Future Proof Smart Buildings – It is important to maximize the value and utility of smart buildings. Crypto Homes are future proof with removable panels, easy service access and easily replaceable features. With Autoconstruction future upgrades can be made with minimal damage to structure. These save time and money while giving you the ultimate advantage in renovations. For example: To change locations of a plumbing fixture such as a shower, the base unit can be easily removed, the plumbing can be disconnected, and a new location chosen anywhere within the structure. In the old location, a single panel is replaced, bringing the surface back to new and eliminating former access holes to the service. In the new location, a panel is removed, and the fixture is connected. The entire operation can be completed in a few hours. In that amount of time living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or an entire building service layout can be remodeled in no time without repairs and damages. Panels can be replaced once they become outdated.

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7. Supply is extremely Limited. At the ICO only 120 million MP will be sold. That’s 33% of total supply. In other words 33% of the buyers will get MP tokens at a ridiculously low price of $0.10. They are guaranteed to fly off the shelf. This ICO is hot and trending so soon the price will increase. Get in early and you can hodl a home. Only 3% of the world owns crypto. This is very much still the early days for blockchain and fintech so waiting for 4 years for a construction technology startup to deliver Crypto Homes is the same as hodling for the next Bitcoin moon. Take a look at this website and you will see the price of 5000 square foot properties in the US and then you’ll understand why waiting four years is nothing at all. Even after 30 years of slaving away in a banker owned capitalism world, most people cannot afford one of these properties, which makes holding onto your Member Placeholder (MP) token worth it in the long run.

8. Tired of your neighborhood? Why not just pack your house on to a truck and move? Yep you guessed it. Your smart house comes portable and deconstructible, with super blocks that stack up similar to Lego plastic toy building blocks.

9. Anyone from anywhere will be able to lease a super crane. Super cranes are fully developed and will be ready for robotic site testing in 2022. Professionals will be out in the field to train contractors how to use Auto Constructors. They come with levelling tracks and are equipped to build across any terrain or weather.

10. Build green, build fast, build smart. Traditional construction just has too lackadaisical an approach to climate change and technology. Current construction methods are destroying the environment by releasing billions of tonnes in carbon-dioxide each year. Green buildings save the environment by having close to zero carbon emissions. Finally, smart buildings have interconnected conduits, easily replaceable window and door panels. You can easily rearrange some rooms without knocking out walls and this is so convenient because you can do a makeover after five years without having an expensive crew of workmen. All the noise, dirt, lack of privacy, disturbance to neighbours and inconvenience get reduced to a few hours thanks to technology. Is renovating a house after ten years something people do? Not really, but if you are a bit more adventurous then you now have that option. Now you can also easily. get playful and creative with real estate. Change interior layouts whenever you like.

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11. Super Blocks Building System, hurricane homes, mega universal building system: a system of self complete buildings with accessible financing and mass production. Super blocks are leading three new industries; green buildings, tokenized real estate and mechanized construction. Each super block has a blockchain twin. Super blocks hold high standards and are hurricane, flood, fire and seismic proof.

12. By investing in Block Members ICO early you get up to 30% BONUS on any MP purchase. Minimum purchase is $200. MP can be bought with BTC, ETH, AMEX, PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD, USD and EUR.

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There you have the 12 cool facts about Block Members.

Author: Jeromeon

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