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A New Era of Construction

Have you ever done construction or renovations and after the initial cost is assessed end up having to go to the bank for refinancing? Or perhaps you’ve bought building material in quantities recommended by a contractor, only to be told halfway into the project that you’re nearly out of material? Or maybe you had a deadline to open your new hardware and you’re already three months behind schedule, running opportunity cost and project cost deep into the red? The truth is there’s hardly a company or contractor out there that will leave you feeling satisfied. Your time is your most valuable asset. There is a new solution to all these problems.

Introducing Automated Construction or AECROS

The revolutionary leader in a slow, expensive, largely shady, and environmentally damaging construction industry. AECROS is innovative by removing many of the inefficiencies troubling traditional construction, such as cost overruns, theft of materials, wasted time, schedule delays due to errors, financing delays, high carbon footprints, and cancellations. Automated construction uses an end-to-end technique; a streamlined process from financing, to laying the last block. The overall project is divided into blocks and mechanically manageable portions of work that can be fitted together like a puzzle. Additionally, thanks to the advent of blockchain blocks, super cranes, augmented reality (AR) and integrated standardization, the world can now witness speed and affordability on a previously unforeseen scale. 

So it works on three levels. Firstly, there are robots, unmanned drones for heavy lifting. Secondly, the Block Exchange, where customers can instantly access on-chain funding, architects can build block inventory and blueprint ideas can be privately stored on the Ethereum network. Thirdly, there’s an ERC-20 inventory on the network that logs the physical block creation used in construction. Each block is built based off of the number of MP’s in circulation. So when you become a block member and buy 1400 blocks from the block exchange, the company builds 1400 physical blocks. Notably, that creates enough blocks to build a house. Once a customer launches a project, these blocks are moved to the building site. Block Members are the first to gain access to the limited supply of 120M MBU’s.

It is anticipated that not everyone will be able to buy blocks because demand will be far above the 120 million MBUs that will ever be created. One large fish could easily swallow up all the blocks on a few hotel projects. To tackle the shortage, after each project, blocks become more valuable for resale on the block exchange. 

How AECROS Does Construction 

AECROS uses three systems for construction. A physical system, digital system, and robotics. This combination drastically cuts the production cost of any building, provides greater efficiency by reducing waste material and carbon emissions to almost zero, and most importantly, saves enormous chunks of time. Did you know that every passing day a new Walmart store is under construction, over a million dollars in earning potential is lost? 

What is Crypto Investment ?

Now, you may not be building a Walmart, maybe an office, hardware, or house. Consider how much extra money you save or earn by completing a project 25%, 40%, 60% sooner than originally planned?  What’s being offered is cutting edge technology to construct a natural disaster-proof, fire and flood proof, environmentally friendly building in days or weeks. And since customers will want to track progress, our end-to-end technique allows you to structure, measure, and manage performance.

How Widely Will Auto Construction Be Adopted?

A few things to bring into perspective. 

Our team has over 30 yrs experience in the construction industry. We have witnessed multiple building styles go in the season and out of season. We are already masters of traditional construction and engineering. 

Our tech engineers know how to make complex robots work in unison on a system.

Financing will be offered at a cut-rate compared to traditional real estate loans. 

Governments across the globe have been strengthening the cry for environmental friendliness. Being a leader in green housing solutions, mass adoption will come easily.

With all this under the microscope, there’s nothing to stop AECROS from booming as we seek to revolutionize a $10T a year industry. Join us on our mission

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