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A New World Industry: Creating Construction 2.0

Many new projects come along with big promises to disrupt another industry. Some have potential while many others are more hype and empty promises. One project that promises to create an entirely NEW Industry is Auto Construction & Block Members.

Proof of work is well known in blockchain but if you want to see proof of work, what better way than to build green buildings with a rapidly assembled IOT tracked block system. Each component block is registered to a digital twin counterpart (NFT). Talk about proof of work that speaks for itself. Auto Construction is serious about making blockchain (and its corresponding block supply chain) literal as much as revolutionary.

Deconstruction Will Soon Overtake Demolition

Tons of waste are created with each building demolition. With each one comes a price paid by the economy and environment. The life cycle of a building is 25-50 years. A small demolition can generate over 20 metric tons of waste and requires major cleanup trucking and labour costs. Over the past decade, demand for construction has flourished like never before which also implies heavy economic and environmental costs.

Re-constructible buildings are new, but they are economic enough to be here for the long run. Re-use structures can be as diverse as recreational cabins that could relocate to keep childhood memories alive, or as large scale as mine processing facilities that can be cleanly removed when the mines close.

The BIM Concept

6D Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to the intelligent linking of individual 3D CAD components or “assemblies” allowing for the deployment of ‘puzzle piece blocks’ that fit together like Lego. Auto Construction creates a unique system of large self-complete, stacking blocks. In the Re-Use system, Blocks can be assembled and disassembled, a building can now be relocated or rebuilt with another layout using the original blocks. Wall surfaces and internal services are interchanged for replacement when a design becomes outdated. Easy services enable relocation of kitchen or bathroom services.

Construction 2.0 is also tokenizing the supply chain, disrupting a $10T a year construction industry and putting money back in people’s pockets. Just imagine, futuristic construction. Smart, green homes will be built by smart machines using AR, LoRa beacons, BIM, Blockchain Digital Twins (NFTs), and IoT. All these are uniquely integrated to run construction rapidly and with minimal human oversight. Tradesmen will still be required to provide services such as electrical, communications, security and plumbing installs.

The Mission & Vision

AC team and Partners have decades of experience in construction and its support industries. Profits are a main driver in construction. AC will provide one of the most cost-effective building solutions in history. Buildings designed for hurricane, fire and flood protection with the highest durability standards. Interior and exterior finishes are designed to be easily adaptable. Auto Construction is travelling in uncharted waters, creating new technology and new opportunities. This can be a life changer that people can be a part of simply by joining what may be the best ICO for 2022 or even a decade.

Furthermore, deep world demand awaits. Multinationals, franchisees, governments, Non Govt Organizations, and other large players are waiting for AC systems to start operating.

AC Block Members’ unique concept has been well received in diverse groups, wherever it has been introduced. Following the overwhelming feedback AECROS is receiving, no doubt this is fast becoming a hot ICO. Houses can be built within a week. Interior designs and outer finishes are endless and can be interchanged far into the future.  

Now you understand the world’s newest industry, you are ahead of 99.99%.