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Artificial Intelligence, an efficient risk management tool for construction.

Despite its glacial pace, construction is increasingly adopting new technology to improve efficiency. Artificial Intelligence has excellent potential as an efficient risk management tool across the industry.

As the building industry enters a new era of digitization, this challenges the industry to re-think conventional processes while unveiling new potentials.  Attempting to supplant human creativity with machines is inefficient and costly. Instead, if we can view artificial intelligence (AI) as a safeguard against mistakes, a sort of “seatbelt’ for many decision making processes, we can realize excellent outcomes. 

AI can solve issues throughout the entire building industry ecosystem. As AI drives productivity increases, its adoption will grow rapidly. AI can assist operators with full cycle Building Information Management. AI can realize faster BIM estimates and greater accuracy. We can also see opportunity in on-site worker safety, materials assembly tracking, building insurance and logistics optimization. 

Construction technology is described by the national institute for occupational safety as “The set of innovative instruments, machines, improvements, technology, etc. used throughout the construction of the project to make advances in field construction techniques. This also includes semi-automated and automated construction equipment.” 

Auto Construction is defined as the automation of construction. Being outside the scope of simply “construction technology” AC means a total paradigm shift away from onsite manual materials handling to one of mass production. This means we require a streamlined construction method to enable this automation, and with that accomplished, AI will play an even more important role in this automation. Further to this, financial potential is unlocked when AI is paired with financial technology as applied to the entire building industry. The BEX offers a prototype for this, a Block Exchange Platform, to organize finance and logistics for the new industry. Data flows will be accurately tracked there and sent to all aspects of the new Global AC ecosystem.

Data has always been used by construction companies to increase efficiency, boost job security, and minimize risk. The difference today is that the information management has moved from the paper to software. AI will increasingly play a role in managing the decisions themselves. AI and machine learning require vast quantities of data to learn. Software and data collection have advanced to the point that this data is becoming more readily available now. As new software is developed, more opportunity is realized. 

Worksite flow can be captured and AI can monitor and optimize that traffic flow. Tracking beacons and AI can combine to track individual items around the site to their correct positions in the build. Losses and mistakes will be greatly reduced. AI-powered technology such as drones and visual recognition can assist with identifying materials, equipment, staff and warn of potential hazards. This would reduce on-site accidents and employee deaths. 

As Drones examine work sites by video, remote management from any region will have real-time updates. Rather than sending individuals, builders can utilize the drones to provide site visits for reporting. Real time progress updates offer actionable insights to enhance planning.

Over time, construction companies are beginning to adopt the technology. With time, improved software and new hardware is becoming available. AECROS and AC partner companies that are developing and applying construction technologies reap the benefits, leading to higher profitability for industry stakeholders.

Construction has reached the point where businesses must invest in emerging technology or risk becoming obsolete. Auto-Construction is fostering the industry through many partnerships. This brings together a growing group of businesses and systems all integrating to work together. Faster communication leads to leaner and faster building with fewer accidents and mistakes. 

Auto-Construction was conceived as a high technology platform to accelerate construction. AI is poised to help that Automation deliver incredible results.