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Block Members Simple Technical Overview

Block Members wants to disrupt a $300T industry. Obviously a project this ambitious and technology loaded is highly technical. For those of you who wish to dive into a few technicalities without all of the jargon, this reader is for you.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the simulation of any given physical phenomenon using the numerical technique called Finite Element Method (FEM). Engineers use FEA to lessen the building of excess prototypes and trial and error to quickly create better components during the designing stage. FEA relies heavily on mathematics to resolve the impact of separate particles, elements and objects interacting with each other within a simulated environment. For each construction project to be undertaken FEA can be used to determine how to create a complex architectural design, then 6D BIM and CAD software is used by AECROS’ artificial intelligence to figure out how a complicated design can be made easy. In the end you the customer gets to build intricate designs that would have taken a lot of trial and error, error free. As a result, your cost is lower, there can be razor sharp accuracy and little to no waste comes from the resulting structure. In addition, little is required to heat or maintain the new construct.

According to Siemens,”To simulate the effects of real-world working environments in FEA, various load types can be applied to the FE model. including nodal (forces, moments, displacements, velocities, accelerations, temperature and heat flux), elemental (distributed loading, pressure, temperature and heat flux), as well as acceleration body loads (gravity). Types of FE analysis include linear statistics, nonlinear statics and dynamics, normal modes, dynamic response, buckling and heat transfer.”

One Universal System, Multiple Benefits

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MBUs hold unique value because they divide the construction process into self complete parts allowing for complete surface finishes, water-heat-and-electrical installation, structural integrity and seismic preparedness and other components. Each MBU has uniquely identifiable blocks that ties to a digital blockchain counterpart through IoT. MBUs can be quickly built by ordinary cranes and professional labour completed by the more advanced technology and robotics. Due to specialization of construction tasks and division of labour, any size building can be constructed by this new operating system AECR.

Accessible financing makes this MBU ready to be traded on the block exchange immediately as a token. Thanks to the Block Fund, IoT and blockchain technology homes can be treated as a commodity. Due to financing and trading of MBUs as a commodity members can lend, borrow, finance, flip, buy and sell units, and make other financial transactions as they please. Another benefit of an MBU is complete building units can be neatly disassembled later for reconstruction at new location, in a different layout, saving time, material, the environment and contract cost. One major potential use case for government and the private sector is being able to assemble temporary buildings for events such as rescue housing and refugee housing with unprecedented speed.

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The simple cost based valuation system let’s anyone easily and fairly value an MBU. Smart technology has enabled the use of RFID chips connected to IoT placed in each block to afterwards precisely calculate building cost. Having such power of control greatly reduces rough sketches, CAD overall building adjustments and tough thinking.

Since components such as windows, door assemblies and other features fit into the 2 foot/ 4 foot specs they are more easily are mass produced at high quality and with various quality design features. An architect or owner can make design edits within a specified limit from the click of a mouse. Thicker than average walls, window casements, doors, steel protective shutters all work together to boost property valuation, adds superior structural integrity and lifespan. AECROS provides all these benefits for customers and more. The next time you think of building think AECROS.

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Author: Jeromeon