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Blockchain will allow people to be part of the new era of Construction

Change has always been subject to criticism regardless of the environment where it’s taking place. One example of skepticism towards change was the people’s initial disbelief of Bitcoin as a potential investment.

Fortunately, thanks to wonders of the internet and its ability to allow people to research for any information they question online, it is now possible for people to fact-check the news they receive. Thus making change easier for people to accept at the very beginning.

For many years, the construction industry has been developing more with each day. Over the last seven years the world’s leading nascent construction technology system AECROS was designed and programmed to be the fastest and safest unmanned construction experience. Now you can be part of this change, or to say it more accurately, you can be part of this 10 trillion-dollar-a-year industry.

How can you get your slice of the $10T a year pie?


There is an innovative method that is replacing the current, expensive, complicated and extensive practices of conventional construction. We are talking about Modular Building, a process in which real estate is built away off-site.

In this method, the building is constructed with the same materials, under controlled plant constructions, and designing the same standards of conventional practices…but in about half of the time.

Although this method is not new, it hasn’t been put that much into practice when compared to the conventional building. That will end in the forthcoming years because the field of construction is adding a new method that will link with modular building: Automated Construction or AC.


Autoconstruction is the single largest advancement in the history of the construction industry. By automating the entire process of building a property, Autoconstruction is the promising future of real-estate business, smart buildings, and green housing tech.

How can people be part of this ground-breaking shift in one of the most important industries ever?

Block Members is the name that is starting it all. This extraordinary group of experts mixes prime architects, engineers, cryptographers, certified construction experts, financiers all under one roof. They have envisioned and created the way for you to benefit tremendously from AECROS. With equipment capable of building at lightning speed, super cranes that reach hights of 160ft, AECROS accommodates all commercial and non-commercial operators. By purchasing Member Placeholder (MP), each member will reserve their spot for a new Crypto Home.

What’s the catch?

At Block Members we want to make sure everyone can be included. You don’t need to deeply understand bitcoin or the blockchain. We have simplified it all for you so that now you can buy blocks with cryptocurrency, VISA, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL. Are you ready to build an apartment or home? We can get that done even before our fundraising because we are a traditional company. Just contact us and you can begin as soon as the paperwork is out the way. Within a few weeks with our Genie Lifts and Spider Cranes you can have your new building by 2021. Here is a video of our automated machinery in operation:

Robotic Construction

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Without understanding how valuable the Blockchain is getting in construction for its in smart contracts, building information unit, payments, and supply chain management. Without the need to know how any of this works it is quite easy to see why Membership Placeholder is one of the best discoveries known to modern man.

With more private companies using blockchain, it is evident of the rapid shift towards a technologically controlled world, transforming industry by industry. When MP value increases, Members will use the MP tokens they held to buy and sell blocks, qualify for home financing, and even use them to buy and sell homes built with AECROS.

If you are still not convinced, don’t worry. There is so much more to explore on your own. To deep dive into the upcoming Autoconstruction, industry visit us: Auto Construction Association and learn more about Blockchain Construction and Automated Construction.