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Changing the Construction Industry Through Automation and Standardization

Every week a new ICO comes along with big promises to disrupt some multi-trillion dollar industry. Some no doubt have potential, others more hype and empty promises, while some flat out flop. One project that promises to age gracefully is AECROS a.k.a Block Members.

Work not done shows proof of laziness. If you want to see proof of work, what better way than to build a smart-green building with blocks registered to a digital counterpart. Talk about POW that speaks for itself! Block Members are serious about making blockchain literal as much as revolutionary.

Deconstruction Soon to Overtake Demolition

Tonnes of waste are created with each demolition. With each demolition comes a price paid by the economy and environment. The life cycle of a building is 30-50 years. A small demolition can generate over 20 metric tonnes of waste and major cleanup costs. Over the past decade, construction has flourished like never before, which also implies heavy economic and environmental costs.

Not only are reconstructible buildings a new thing, but will be here to stay like Bitcoin. Remember those childhood fantasies we’ve all had before of wanting to move your house whenever moving? That house you had grown up in, had become so attached to, brought tears to your eyes when you had to leave it, the memories, and all your friends behind? Block Members wants you and your family to keep those memories alive. With AECROS you get to move and keep your house by deconstructing and rebuilding in your new neighborhood. A lot of people are intrigued by this concept.

The BIM Concept

6D Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to the intelligent linking of individual 3D CAD components or “assemblies”, allowing for the deployment of ‘puzzle piece blocks’ that fit together like a Lego. AECROS’ unique solution uses a novel invention of self-cementing blocks. Blocks can be assembled and disassembled, a building can now be relocated or rebuilt with another layout using its original blocks. Panels are easily replaceable by design for easy replacement when a design becomes dated. Easy-to-adjust panels lets you relocate a kitchen or bathroom in a few hours.

Construction 2.0 is tokenizing real estate, disrupting a $10T a year construction industry, and putting money back in your pocket. Just imagine, futuristic construction around you, and your smart-green home being built solely by smart machines on quantum, AR/VR, LoRa beacon, BIM, blockchain, digital twins, and IoT. All uniquely integrated to run a construction without the need for manual labour altogether or heavy human oversight. Notably, there are certain limitations, for example, manual labour will still be required to provide professional services such as electrical and plumbing.

The Mission and Vision

AECROS is a team with 3 decades of experience in construction (a live business). Our offer can persuade any multinational to buy up lion shares of our tokens. Business people are in business to make money which sets money management at the forefront. From sourcing the cheapest suppliers to quick turnovers and small profits, the big guys are always hunting quick but lasting bargains that will rapidly put AECROS under the microscope. We provide the best building cost analysis anywhere in the world, the fastest delivery time (over 90% faster), the most cost-effective solutions, fire-hurricane-and-flood protection, the highest durability standard, and easily adaptable interior layouts. There’s a saying ‘the good ol’ days’, with us you can say ‘the good new days’. Our plans at AECROS are larger than our potential $1.2T market cap. We are charting uncharted waters, creating new technology, new opportunities, a lifetime game-changer that you can be a part of by joining the BEST ICO for 2020.

Furthermore, a demand so great awaits. Multinationals, franchises, governments, VCs, and other large players will only line up for their grab. 

Block Members’ unique concept is well received in any circle it’s introduced. Following the overwhelming feedback AECROS is receiving, no doubt this will be a hot ICO. You’d have to be very silly to give up the chance to build an elegant house at $50K while market value shoots it to $200k after completion. Houses can be built within a week. Interior designs and outer finishes are endless and can be edited from the comfort of your home, on your smartphone.  

Say, “I want to build my house, apartment, office, hotel or mansion the AECROS way.”


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