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Green Space

And Natural Habitats (Wild Scape)


Grow Our Greenspace

Environmental strategic planning includes the simplest of solutions. Planting trees and gardens in large numbers during each new development creates a greater amount of green space.

Auto Construction buildings will utilize inert materials, which do not leak when exposed to water and soil. This facilitates inclusion of edible plants, rooftop gardens and water features in, on, and around buildings without compromising building integrity. Tree planting commitments and green planning need to go hand in hand with new construction and refurbishment.

Wildscapes can be standard features of new home developments. Plants produce natural oxygen, sequester carbon, clean the air and can produce healthy food. The requirements for human survival are too often ignored in the AEC(R) industry at large.

Let’s create the truly GREEN building industry the world deserves.

urban forest

Auto Construction Developments Will Include URBAN GREENING

Urban greening is the process of public landscaping to create and preserve green roofs, community gardens and parks, in order to combat heatwaves and floods in cities.