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Housing Development



Eliminate Wasted Time And Materials

Modern housing developments commonly produce over 30% material waste from each residential project. A huge amount of money goes to the dump. $1.4 trillion in waste is produced annually in construction. Consider that rejected or discarded material also requires associated labour when producing and discarding it. These are disadvantages to common construction both in cost, time, and damage to our natural environment.

Auto Construction uses materials and energy most efficiently to eliminate a great majority of this waste. This alleviates pressure on landfills with their associated greenhouse gas production. Further time and energy is saved with automated contracts, rapid efficient transactions, precise logistics tracking and inventory.

IOT assists by eliminating losses due to logistical/transport mistakes, accidents and theft.

Augmented Reality saves travel time, reducing traffic and wasted fuel, while also preventing mistakes and change orders. Project execution is accelerated through the User Interface, remote site planning and operations.

In the end, this savings translates into more affordable housing development. We can provide comfortable and secure housing, at affordable cost. By eliminating the use of wood we can also save trees and forests.

By realizing annual cost savings from this wasted $1.4 Trillion… together we can house the world.