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Meet Our Team

Milos BSC Eng. Director has 18 years experience in business development and senior level mechanical engineering roles which enable him to act as both a highly effective leader and a senior systems development director. Milos stays abreast of new technologies and process development to implement changes which improve ACBM mechanical and EPM engineering capabilities. He creates functional strategies, plans and implements specific objectives for ACBM building systems infrastructure.

Miloš Milisavljevic MSc Eng

Director of Engineering

Stuart Moir LLB is a partner at INC Business Lawyers Corporation. Their primary focus is business law. Licensed by the Law Society of British Columbia. Stuart enjoys complex strategies, corporate structuring and estate planning matters. Stuarts firm is also a Canadian trademark agent and accepted for practice in the US Patent and Trademarks Office. Stuart is pleased to assist ACBM in our exciting endeavour and continues to identify many opportunities and partnerships for us to explore.

Stuart Moir


Mark has seen success as senior level management and a thought leader in UX design for 21 years. Within digital products Mark has worked with senior positions in enterprise. Some roles have included strategist, business analyst and UX design analyst with Google, Microsoft, Enterprise and others. Mark is constantly evolving with the ever-changing technology landscape working to ensure users a frictionless experience. Mark is excited to be a part of the ACBM team and looks forward to successful launch of platforms and digital solutions we create.

Mark Richter


Jacqui Cooper JD/CTA/TSA/ NBCT Law, Insurance, business growth and networking. Jacqui loves travel , business development, networking and communications. Jacqui has deep business experience in media, insurance, travel, and legal advisory expressing her amazing enthusiasm for adventure, meeting new people and global exploration. Jacqui envisions the potentials of ACBM and enjoys bringing her varied and considerable talents to bear as we develop globally.

Jacqui Cooper

Media Partnerships

Sean helps ACMB to reduce friction and overhead costs for product sourcing. Cost savings up to 70% with quality and component control are a few of Seans key metrics. His global sourcing is based on 12 years of expertise and connections he is happy to contribute to ACBM success as we grow our lineup of components, technology and tools. From best in class shelter to energy technology he looks forward to the adventure ahead.

Sean Genung


Stefan has 27 years as an operator and heavy-duty mechanic. He evaluates and diagnoses problems with heavy machinery and transport equipment. He enjoys operations, testing and maintenance. His process includes forward looking solutions to prevent future failures in mechanical systems, and to consult on designing trouble free, low maintenance/easy maintenance systems to push the AC industry forward… quite literally. He enjoys travel which is great since stuff can break down anywhere.

Stefane B

Heavy Equipment

Paul is skilled at using Marketing, PR and publishing to grow businesses at scale. He is also identifying new networks and opportunities for potential ACBM partnerships where we haven’t gone before. We are happy to have Paul join us and assist ACBM to create our voice, which is especially important at this very early growth stage in our public relations. Paul sees the potential impacts of the AC industry and our goal to help the world.

Paul Evans


Nikola started his engineering career in 1985 and soon became head of the Engineering Bureau. From Military systems and vehicle design to DLS Special systems & Construction Machines Nik creates strong and dynamic engineering solutions and always gets the job done. Nik enjoys new and challenging projects, with hundreds of successfully completed engineering design projects in his career, he is defining the new AC industry function at a high level.

Nikola Mijailovic

Engineering lead

Joydip is an effective marketer and brand community advisor. He loves Dapps, Apps, Exchange promotion and user experience design. With 12 years’ experience in online marketing Joy has been enjoying the defi sector for the past 6 years now. Joy is looking forward to making the ACBM Block Exchange project a huge success. He sees the industry vision and has many plans to contribute to our future success.

Joy Kumar


Milan’s 15 years experience has focused on Production Systems Analysis in manufacturing process engineering with component control, QC and cost Control. Milan is highly skilled at process analysis and always seeks to improve systems for optimal performance and at minimal cost. Manufacturing plays a crucial role in the future of auto construction. With BIM, TQM, BOM and EPM, Milan is excited for ACBM mass production to begin.

Milan Novakovic


Nikolette is a talented commercial brand artist and designer. As a creative and talented artist she is passionate about bringing new ideas to life with high attention to detail and ingenuity. From her intuitive ability to select colour palettes to creating unique and distinguished layouts, Nikolette identifies a strong brand image. We are excited at ACBM as Nikolette’s work gains audience attention, creates a positive voice, and generates positivity with her sharp, clean and popular ACBM branding work.


Brand Artist

Thomas has 28 Years success in Contracting, general construction, multi trade technology, energy and architectural projects. He has successfully grown significant enterprises serving insurance reparations, land developments, tech systems development and planning. Tom likes learning new things, growing business and creating useful systems for widespread use. Tom sees the pathway is open for ACBM to make a positive change in construction.


Project Coordinator

Bohdan applies his natural aptitude for Architecture and 16 years experience as he incorporates beauty and function as one in the foundational art form. Bo utilizes CAD drawing, 3D planning, high complexity modelling, BIM, laser scanning and photogrammetry to achieve the goal. Digital elevation models (DEM) with high accuracy create AC architecture and documentation. Bo enjoys testing and creating AC architectural design systems. We look forward to walking though the amazing spaces he creates as we enter construction markets worldwide.



Marko has 12 Yrs of Engineering and Documentation focussing in CAD/CAM.MRP, Blueprints, BIM specifications, PEM and all at a high level of accuracy with extreme attention to detail. Markos main strengths include efficiency and accuracy which define ACBM development. Marko is happy to be creating the BOMs and documentation that become the AC industry. As new systems, components and tools become ubiquitous, Marko has a key role in this exciting new industry.



Vladimir has 15 years in planning production systems, purchasing and sourcing material for their successful implementation. Vlad’s excellent problem solving skills make him invaluable in his role coordinating production purchasing and sales with QMS - EMS quality reviews. We look forward to a long and successful enterprise with Vlad acting as a key player enhancing ACBM productivity, quality and speed.



Diane has 19 years experience in training systems for team skills development, senior level training and organization. Diane excels at creating training programs for improved team performance capabilities. She creates successful program planning communications and implementation with the specific objectives for ACBM team and partners. Diane is excited to assist ACBM by seeking gaps and opportunities to increase our skills training as we grow and develop.




1989 - 2014

Background Research

2014 - Present

Robotics Software System Development


System Concept


Design and Consulting


Engineering and Patenting


Architecture / Civil Engineering / Development


Blockmembers Program Conceived


Program Development & Growth


Membership Pre-Sale / Main Sale


MP Token Listing & Robotic Builder Testing


Block Exchange Opens


Housing Production


Lilium Air Factory Opens


IPO & Franchising