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Solar Power Data Processing Furnaces



DDP: Computers That Comprise The Distributed Data-processing Network Are Located At Different Locations But Interconnected By Means Of Wireless Or Satellite Links

Due to the recent “breakdown” in Moores law, IE: sub 10 nm chip transistors are behaving in quantum physical ways, instead of traditional Maxwells EM physics. Therefore, quantum computing and distributed data processing networks are providing paths forward. 

Distributed data processing has valuable applications in many fields and fulfills many AECROS purposes. Opportunities exist in the areas of AI, Blockchain, IOT, Robotics, Phase Space, Augmented Reality, Auto CAD rendering, Entertainment and Quantum computing to name a few. AECROS smart buildings are designed with features such as automated home security, bioclimatic controls, home entertainment systems and energy network management which also require data processing resources. This means that the AECROS industry will require a lot of computing power to maintain fluid and dynamic real time operations. It is for this reason that AECR Operating System will incorporate “Data mining furnaces” AKA “Blocks of CPUs” in the buildings we create. 


“Waste Heat” Is Not Really “Waste”

High capacity data terminals produce what is commonly known as “waste heat”. Heat is valuable for  buildings and their services in many geographic regions. The AECR Operating System incorporates interconnected piping grids (IPGs) throughout the planar surfaces of each building. The IPGs include selective mass thermo coupling via controlled hydronics and air ducting in walls and floors.  These may also be connected to external geothermal and solar gain sources. This system will redistribute the heat from data terminal blocks and from other warm or cool areas into desired zones to optimize the climate of each building. 

DDP And Crypto Mining

Data processing is useful for generating revenues by servicing various industry demands (as mentioned above) while another recent usage for CPUs is commonly referred to as Hash Power or Hash Rate. 

In Blockchain new blocks require a certain amount of processing power to create. This processing power is also known as Hashpower or Hashrate. The more CPUs that a given system incorporates, the more hashes it can create within a given timeframe. Each new building created by the AECROS industry will further increase the overall network processing power, while keeping floors, patios and swimming pools at a comfortable temperature. 

Powering DDP With Solar Energy

Over time Data Processing is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity both within AECROS and to the computing industry in general. Data uses electrical power, and this is the logic behind utilizing our favorite power source, solar energy. The AECROS building system easily accommodates solar power collection panels in strategic locations on replaceable block panels building wide. Replaceable panels also enable new additions or modifications at any time in the future (IE: Future proofing). These panels will enable a more cost effective energy supply to further enhance Data Network Capability (DNC).

Solar power networks can share power overages between buildings. The more the DNC grows, the more powerful and useful the AECROS DDP networks will become. This technology will further our vision of “Homing the unhomed.” These are just a few examples of the many new business and tech opportunities created for members and clients of AECROS, while AECROS advances the worlds technological capabilities in general.