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The System



A.E.C.R.OS Will Develop for Generations…

The Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Real estate operating system, AECROS is the unification and systemization of all aspects of AEC and R.  While the system is already highly efficient, after launch we will continue to further develop these efficiencies in a drive towards constant and never ending improvement. 


What Is An MP? A Tokenized Membership

Construction is PURE utility, and the Membership Placeholder accesses it. A Membership Placeholder is a tokenized membership to access the auto construction ecosystem. This accesses trade, home ownership, project construction and finance, distributed data and power distribution networks within the network. As the network grows through project developments, the Membership value becomes more apparent. 

Only members will be able to access the homes and business opportunities for the foreseeable future. This is dictated by massive housing and construction demand. No matter how large the supply grows, existing demand is too large to satisfy anytime soon. 

What trading does an MP authorize? 

First, the MP enables entry to The Block Exchange. Once inside the exchange, each MP authorizes repeated trading of a single block, (MBU, or Modular Monetized Building Unit), on the Block Exchange. 

What Is The MBU? The Monetized/Modular Building Unit

MBU is a physical block with a smart contract on the block chain. The digital twin aspect is for architectural design software and the engineering design library. The block enables AECROS to streamline and integrate all these areas physically and digitally. The consistent, predictable nature of the MBU enables it to: be utilized in design stage/monetized and traded on exchange/ enable robotic handling on site. This is how AECROS automates construction and finance. The MBU holds a stable value based on the underlying value of the buildings it creates. This value is enhanced through additional benefits of cost/time/materials savings and efficiencies throughout AEC&R.


What Is The 10% Members Premium?

The members premium is a set percentage of gain from the purchase price, to the sale price of a block on the Block Exchange. Each time a block is sold and replaced is called a “rollover”. The frequency of these rollovers determines gains over time, while these are determined by demand. It is important to remember that Member trading volume has an upper limit, this trading volume is limited by the total number of MPs held. Trading is enabled at a rate of one block (for purchase and sale) per one MP held. This is called the membership level. 1000 blocks builds a family home of 4000 Sq ft. It would require 1000 MPs to be able to trade this home in one transaction. Rates of growth are therefore largely dependent on Membership levels. The physical limits on block production/delivery govern the number of MPs that can be issued.

Too many MPs and the waiting list becomes too long, too few and availability of housing is further restricted. This is not artificial scarcity.

What Is The Block Exchange DAPP?

The Block Exchange is a Decentralized Block trading platform designed to allow members to trade. Members can build holdings until they achieve desired buildings, and may take delivery of these building units and buildings in future. It is imagined that a majority of these buildings will be homes, but almost any conceivable building may be built.