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    Construction > 80 X Faster


    Digital Twins

    The blockchain digital twin is fundamentally the most powerful concept to arrive in blockchain to date, and even in late 2020 virtually no one even knows about it yet.

    BCDT is what we may call the “bleeding edge” of blockchain development. We will solve huge real-world problems here. The applications are so vast as to become ubiquitous.

    BCDT is a foundational layer for all of the information in the IoT, BIM, global and Building Supply chain. It is incredibly useful in every step of the construction process from before a projects conception, to the very end of the process and beyond.

    The Automated Construction Process

    The Tokenization of Construction

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    The Membership Placeholder is an ERC-20 Token.
    This token denotes Membership in the Auto Construction Industry

    Today’s MP price is .03 to sub $1.00 depending on the bonus pool.

    MP Token

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    Why Purchase MPs Early ?

    Early birds get tons of extra MPs through the bonus pools and coupon codes. These promotions drive the cost of an MP down to mere pennies! Simply whitelist now, and use your coupon code with your MP purchase before the pool date. You will be included in the 500K Bonus pool and receive your share added to your standard purchase.

    Why is the MP useful?

    Construction is a very heavy-duty token use case, as outlined below.

    The MP accesses the future of home building for members (owners of MP tokens are members of the AC Industry). Exclusive trade on the BEX: Members can use their membership placeholders (MPs) to trade blocks at a 1/1 ratio on the Block Exchange. The MP (membership placeholder in the AC industry) will access many exclusive construction and housing services within AC including:

    • Private access to housing supply.
    • Business access to construction supply.
    • Home financing and insurance
    • New home purchasing and sales
    • Residential commuting by electric air transport
    • Use of residential and commercial power and data networks within AC.

    Be EARLY and support the industry that’s designed to support YOU.  MP supply is limited to reflect the estimated block supply capability.

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