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Automated Construction Speed


Speed Defines Auto Construction Demand

Project approvals, financing and scheduling delays are restrictions for property developers and the entire AEC industry. The Block Exchange, Blockchain, BIM, IOT all contribute to the CURE for these problems by enabling rapid financing and delivery of inventory to projects. AECROS enables rapid deployment (and therefore rapid consumption of Blocks listed on Exchanges).

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Crypto and Real Estate are FASTER and More Powerful Together

Crypto currency investments tend to fluctuate unpredictably. While MPs may themselves fluctuate unpredictably, MBUs are {unlikely} to vary by more than a few percentages from the 10% premium on Exchange. Worldwide real estate is a stabilising influence. Demand is vast. As MBU trading gains are proven, a possible result is the increase of MP value. In the construction industry, planning is normally done prior to each development. This plan establishes fair market value of a project based upon appraisals. Costs, scheduling and sale price are determined prior to undertaking construction. This establishes profit levels relatively accurately before block funds are dedicated to a project. There is demand for projects pre & post construction. If sales are not immediate, then building revenues and/or capital gains are also alternatives to protect and grow capital.

In this sense construction is normally considered a secure investment as this predictability lends construction to reliable and predictable profits. When combining the AECR market with the ICO and STO funding models, typical volatility of the Crypto markets may be offset, as in the case of Block Market Trading. Advantages may be gained both in the AECR markets and in crypto/blockchain. Add this to the greater efficiencies of AECROS technologies in general, and we have a strong formula for adoption of the AECROS industry including all AECROS technologies.

Global Transactions Of Blockchain Benefit Aec(R): Speed & Accuracy

The block exchange creates rolling inventory with profits for the Block Fund (Members with Block Holdings). This will provide construction projects with readily available inventory at consistent engineering levels. Projects may be undertaken and completed quickly. Rapid project execution from Architectural Design to Final Sale is a rare and valueble advantage for all phases of AECR. Rapid transactions and reliale, transparent contracts are desperately needed in AEC, which presents yet another valueble utility for AECROS. The contracts can be executed reliably, openly, and with accuracy. The industry benefits from a new level of confidence from all stakeholders. Reliability and accuracy of contracts are wide reaching demands which have been underserved in AEC until now.

AEC(R) = Architecture, Engineering, Construction (Real Estate)

Global Markets: Block Exchange

Each block trader may purchase and list blocks (MBUs) for trading on globally accessible exchanges. Standardised fiscal systems will enable a global project scope which is unique. Incoming industry orders will consume inventory sequentially on exchange listings. Orders will consume each holding before moving to the next listing.