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Smart Construction Systems

One 25 yr engineering veteran says..

“These blocks or modular building units are likely the smartest construction system you’re ever going to see.”

Modular building units are self complete modules or buildings, resembling giant lego.They perform tasks with which ordinary construction simply can’t compare. And cost isn’t anywhere near as expensive.

Firstly, let’s begin with the ordinary tasks MBUs can perform. They provide unlimited finishing options, structures that pass city building codes, fire codes and seismic (that’s earthquake preparedness). Beyond the ordinary, MBU’s offer high levels of insulation and thermal mass. Insulation and thermal transfer units can be upgraded, thinned or replaced, to provide ideal levels of energy savings and tranquil comfort Whatever the needs and preferences of the customer are, they will be built to tolerate any climate.

The service areas are available for retrofit and individual customization (this means you have the ability to redesign, redecorate and restructure your bathroom, dining room, kitchen, etc). Some walls are mobile…so you can make your kitchen or living room bigger and the bedroom smaller (or vice versa).

Then we just simply have to mention huge thermal mass (with selective thermal coupling), bioclimatic controls, integrated hydronics and fire suppression systems. These components cannot burn, they won’t fail because they are disaster proof, so remain fully functional during a hurricane or heavy flood.

Interior environment control elevates to a whole new level of comfort, efficiency, safety and security. Solar panels are integrated and feed the data processing furnaces. Think of a giant computer in your basement, heating while it earns crypto or processes data. In spite of all the new construction and housing features we are talking about here, the most exciting of all for this construction ICO 2020 – the digital twin.

In layman’s terms, the digital twin provides a secure and transparent engineering record, specifications, model numbers, IoT tracked location and positioning, and even more importantly for traders and first time home owners, is a monetized value.

What this could mean for home ownership?

Imagine yourself saving slowly for years, while the value of the home you want is constantly rising.

That 50k you saved looks pretty good had you saved it years ago. In many neighborhoods today, not a chance. What if you could walk away with the keys to your own automated construction MBU home for just $50k?

Now imagine, this being convertible to trade, or as the starting point to owning your own home. You could buy, sell or flip homes by using the Block Exchange. This adds a solid use case behind the BEX DApp. Yet another cool feature of blockchain in construction 2.0, the block exchange DApp is being designed. It will enable home financing, to protect block members and a slew of other advantageous features members need for their convenience.

Thank Blockchain, IoT, robotics, mass production, LoRa beacons, AI, automated machines, and many other smart inventions. Owning your very own home is about to get a lot easier. Since we’re about to be ‘holding’ homes, crypto just got better too.

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