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Block members-THE FUTURE OF HOME intends to revolutionize Auto-Construction financing

Block Members intends to revolutionize home and construction financing, with the Block Exchange platform, AKA BEX. To democratize the new industry, the Block Members program allows everyone to buy a stake with Membership Placeholder Tokens at a low starting price.

The Blocks are referred to as Modular Building Units or MBUs. These blocks will trade on exchange, and assist with home ownership via trade, and gradual financing. These units are self complete with engineering and financial/value standardization. This is enabled with tokenization via ERC 20s tokens, ERC 1155 and ER 721 NFTs. These trade on exchange as financing for block mass production and financing. 

Not only does the system include building modules, but also an entire system of leveling rails, conduit interconnect grids, vacuum connections and service features. The AECROS system can use both common cranes or intelligent cranes to assemble buildings. 

Block Members provides easy access for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the new AC industry. The AC industry is set to grow globally into a new commercial and residential global ecosystem. 

The Block Exchange

The Member Block holdings grow as industry trade grows. There will be increasing demand over time. Members who cash out their Block NFTs (take delivery for a building), may still keep their MP tokens for future use on exchange. For completed homes, only 1MP would be required to enable realtors to sell the homes. In addition to this use, MPs will be further utilized for entry into Data Processing and Energy Distribution networks later within the AC ecosystem.

The Block Trading Platform: “BEX”

The first use of blockchain within AECROS is to build the Block Exchange Trading Platform. This enables traders to build block inventory (i.e.; Members block holdings) on the exchange. Physical block production parallels this exchange inventory, moving through the supply chain, and exiting the exchange into the physical market. Profits and supply now become predictable and repeatable. 

Throughout the history of the AEC and R industries, trust and reliability have both been points of failure. Countless projects around the globe have collapsed due to trust issues wasting trillions in productivity. Immutable ledgers provide the missing key to this problem. Operational records are made transparent and secure, creating trust and consistency between parties. 

Automated Finance can guarantee product and financing availability within minutes of project inception, and even govern the design process to maintain preset financing parameters. 

Predictable outcomes are of high value in AEC and R. In the construction process, it is easiest to imagine the building as a puzzle. Each modular building unit has a unique, but repeatable specifications and functions. Block chain tracks these puzzle pieces to organize, record, and connect each specific unit to work together.

Block Members created the first digital ERC20 token that will allow Members trading access. The Membership accesses the tangible value of each Block trade on the Block Exchange. The resulting supply supports the Automated Construction industry. This exchange is also a pioneering platform in the market. The ERC 20 Membership token is referred to as a Membership Placeholder. The Block/ NFT is both a physical block, and NFT is an ERC 721 or ERC 1155.

The sale of the MP is limited to 120 million MPs. Members will be able to support the growth and development of Auto Construction, and in return benefit from the growth. This new industry will change construction and housing positively through reduced costs and waste, resulting in safer higher quality housing, and making home ownership more accessible to all. 

Trade one Block Requires staking one MP on the exchange account while trading. 

If a member has only one MP, he will be able to buy and sell 1 block/ modular building unit repeatedly.  This may result in growth exponentially of a member’s holdings over time giving more profitability and liquidity. A member will be able to trade with just one block, as their assets increase they will have the option to trade thousands in this way.

Block Members will build module inventory for homes and buildings, in a digital and transparent way without entering the physical world. Block Members will be offering everyone the chance to improve their lives and everyone will be able to enjoy the efficacy of blockchain technology through the use of NFTs by providing construction utility with trade authorized by the tokenized Memberships.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.


Background Research

2014 — Present

Robotics Software System Development


System Concept


Design and Consulting


Engineering and Patenting


Architecture / Civil Engineering / Development


Membership Program


Membership Sale


Open Block Exchange DApp


Design Program Software Integration


Robotic Builder Drone Site Test


Housing Availability for Members


Lilium Electric Jet Contracts Open


IPO & Franchising

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