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What is Auto Construction

Crypto Financed Autonomous Home Construction, AKA: Auto-Construction
At time of writing, the cryptocurrency global market valuation is just slightly above $250 billion.
As blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is backed by real-world assets with a practical utility
such as the construction and real-estate supply chain, it enters uncharted territory.
The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry (AEC) is one of the largest global sectors set for disruption through blockchain technology.
A global housing market financed by a tokenized supply chain with the inclusion of automation in the construction process can increase real-world adoption of crypto currencies and blockchain to as yet unknown levels while disrupting a 10 trillion dollar annual industry.
Cue BlockMembers, a company pioneering the Auto-Construction industry through its Membership Placeholder token that allows individuals to partake in a “first of its kind” industrial revolution. History is being made here.

What is BlockMembers?

BlockMembers’ main objective is to use a members-reward based system to offer every individual the opportunity to shape the future of home building and access inclusive homeownership. With a team of contributors and investors, Block Members boasts of a track record of research and development in Robotic software Systems and Construction Development
going as far back as 1990. Many partners and advisors happened accidentally, as experts were asked to review aspects of the technology, they often joined the project.
BlockMembers is automating the construction of homes while using blockchain technology
throughout the entire process. This will be achieved through a multidisciplinary approach called
AECROS (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate: Operating System).
Through AECROS, BlockMembers will manage to build homes 50 times faster than the normal
rate while at the same time producing zero waste. Further to these efficiencies, cost-effective
financing will be realized for the public. By combining construction, Best Altcoins and Best Crypto Investment, BlockMembers stands a chance of giving individuals access to benefit from a real estate industry with an
estimated valuation in the trillions.

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What is AECR:OS?
AECROS is an auto-construction process that combines different technologies to realize
BlockMember’s objective of a seamless and automated process of building affordable homes.
AECROS AKA The OS, will use a combination of artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics AR/VR, BIM and blockchain to create an autonomous home building process financed through a global token economy.
Using BlockMembers’ Membership Placeholder (MP) token, individuals looking to participate will become ground floor investors in the rapidly growing Auto Construction Industry. Using the

Monetized Building Units (MBUs) developed by engineers since 2014, AECROS acts as the cornerstone of Industry, underpinned by the BlockMembers’ Block Fund.

The Block Fund (On the Block Exchange, AKA: BEX) is a distributed ledger that aggregates all the blocks owned by members who hold the membership Placement (MP) token. As Monetized
Building Units (MBUs) are produced and placed into the Block Fund in the form of blocks, MP holders can access a block for each MP they hold. They will start to buy and sell blocks at a fixed margin of 10%, producing an inventory-rollover while benefiting from the overall growth of
the market. The major variable in profitability is the frequency of inventory rollover, which cannot be accurately predicted, but is expected to accelerate over time.

Industrial Revolution 2.0
The Auto-Construction Industry, powered by AECROS, is set to provide affordable, intelligent smart homes of the future. Buildings emit almost half of the carbon dioxide in the US alone, while construction methods typically waste 30% of materials and associated labour. This cost comes from our environment.

Through their participation, Block Members can improve the ecological footprint of the construction industry for the better.

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