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Uncommon Criteria When Selecting A Project for the Long Haul – Common questions and the one rare question no one answers but could save you time and money.

We all know the typical questions when evaluating any fintech project. We have seen them all before:

● Is the team equipped with the requisite skills to properly execute?

● Can we trust them to complete the project, and why might they be motivated to do so?

● Is the team innovative in their approach to solving a real world problem?

● Do they understand their target market?

● Are they able to quickly adapt to a changing competitive environment and stay relevant?

These questions are all fine, and relevant. And of course there are many more useful questions when considering a crypto or blockchain project, or any project at all.

All things being equal they cover up the real question everyone should be asking. Without the next question, all else is futile. The project’s aim is to grow, serve market demand and support the tokens. Blockchain fintech was created to thrive independently of traditional financiers.

“Why does humanity need your solution to X problem?”

Finding the ‘WHY’ underpins all of the above. The answer to why is the reason it all began in the first place. Why do you want electric cars? Answer: to save the ozone layer. Why do you want to start a decentralized autonomous peer to peer banking system, Satoshi Nakamoto? Hypothetical answer: “Banking destroyed my father’s life when they denied him refinancing and fore closed his business.”

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What is Block Members?

Block Members is the robot behind the machine. Enabling quick, cheap and affordable housing for everyone is the reason AECROS was created.

Why do we want AECROS? Answer: AECROS is solving a global construction problem while making housing affordable, better, safer, more accessible and faster. It gives us Crypto Homes – the solution to the millenial housing crisis. More on this later.

Without stakeholders there is no business. Token holders are the single biggest cluster of stakeholders. Without them there is no startup, no funding and in most cases no reason to continue developing an idea. The long term success of the project accounts into full view risks and possible turns of fate due to regulatory upheaval. All things being equal, tokens must be “baked into the infrastructure” like bitcoin is baked into fintech markets and supported by the fintech industry at large.

A common point of failure for most blockchain startups is, a model is presented to the public. The public decides to invest in the coin or token. Later on either the team or the investors realize the coin isn’t married to the product. Could this be because of a error on the path of the team? Possibly. Also possible is the territorial regulations which restricts the continued pegging of token value to project idea. Nevertheless, most startups fail to create a model that intertwines the product sales with token utility. One way to honestly achieve this is make the primary point of sales through the tokens or coins. Another way is to charge a premium for traditional methods of purchase, ie, fiat or plastic cash. Sure there may be other ways to achieve inclusivity for token holders not explored here but that’s for another time.Why is building so slow and expensive?Forward-thinking builders are looking at the ways technology can help the construction

The solution:

Crypto Home Construction will be the first product to treat cryptocurrency as a traditional business. Make no mistake, there is nothing traditional about the. business model. From the use of artificial intelligence to night vision super cranes, the innovative startup Block Members is open to the idea of including everyone. It’s not another promise to tailor to everyone’s needs then disrespectfully divorcing from the token at product maturity. There is a membership rewards system which anyone can join for as little as $200. Whether you are Bill Gates, Little Gates or John Doe you will be treated equally once a member.

Crypto Homes will come with loads of features which will make homeowners feel safe even when the world outside is scary. Crypto Homes is the affordable housing solution for millenials across the world through membership. Block Members is so serious about token value that they are making it 5X harder for non members to access the benefits of home ownership.

Crypto Homes is a simple term, but with enormous and far-reaching implications.

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